Frequently Asked Questions

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Financial Topics

Regardless the nature of the work, from the design of a logo to the design and development of an e-commerce web site, every project and every client is different. In order to maintain the quality of our work we do not have set prices for our services. Every quotation is individually prepared upon a clear understanding of what our client’s requirements, budget and expectations are for any particular project.

A quotation for the work required is provided to all our clients for approval before any work takes place. It is our task to understand exactly what our client requirements are and to explain to the client in detail the work we are going to undertake to meet those requirements. By being meticulous in this process we avoid hidden costs for our clients and additional unpaid work for ourselves.

Any changes in the requirements originally agreed upon between the client and Clan Design may result on a change on that amount agreed.

NO. Unless otherwise specified, all our quotations exclude VAT at their appropriate rate.

Clan Design is a company registered in Ireland No.253170 and registered for VAT No. IE8253170J

It is a policy of Clan Design to request a deposit before starting work in any project. This deposit will vary depending on the size and nature of the work. Balance payment is usually due immediately after successful completion of the work.

Unfortunately we cannot offer credit facilities to any of our clients.

We accept Irish cheques, banker drafts and online deposits. You can also pay us by credit card using our PayPal account. All payment options and bank details are included in our invoice.

Web Design Topics

NO. In order for a website to appear online, you need the services of a Hosting company. Hosting companies or Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will organise the registration of your domain name (, the hosting of your site and both hosting and setup of your email accounts if so required.

NO. However, we can advice you on the leading Internet Service Providers in Ireland and abroad, help you choose the hosting package that will suit your needs and liaise with the ISP on your behalf to get everything organised. The contract and billing for the ISP’s services will be setup between them and you.

Prices vary depending on the hosting requirements, the number and type of domain names registered, etc. As a reference, the vast majority of websites will only require what most ISPs grade under their basic hosting packages with pricing between €80 and €120 (exVAT) per year, including one domain registration.

Every website and every client is different. In order to maintain the quality of our work we do not have set prices for our services. Every quotation is individually prepared upon a clear understanding of our client’s requirements, budget and expectations for any particular project. Prices will be calculated upon the working time required to successfully complete the project to match those individual parameters.

YES. In order to make a website live, it is necessary to upload all the files that make up that site to our client’s server. By doing so we are effectively handing over the physical website to our client.

NO. The only case of recurring charges is when a maintenance or ongoing online marketing contract as been put in place for regular work throughout the year.

Graphic Design Topics

YES. A pdf with the final artwork is usually supplied on completion of the project. Master files can also be supplied (on request) upon full settlement of the agreed charges for the work.

No. We utilise only professional design software to produce our artwork, in particular Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. As a standard, we supply all our artwork in a pdf format (or jpg in the case of images) to our clients. Ocassionally, when requested, we supply master files for any of the applications above.

Sadly, we do not use Word, Excel or Publisher and it is not possible to convert any of the formats above to the popular Microsoft applications.

Dealing with Printers

NO. However, to help you with the overall budgeting of the project, we can supply you with a printing quotation from one of our trusted suppliers, if so required. You are under no obligation to accept that printing quote, we will be happy to work with any other printing supplier of your choice. In either case, financial and contractual arrangements for printing will need to be made between the printer and you.

YES. Print ready PDF files will be supplied to your printer matching their technical specifications.

Computer screens do not accurately match printed colours. It is a Physics matter, while computer monitors use light to generate colours (emission), printers use pigments and paper (absorption). Monitors will always render colours more vividly than printouts and it is impossible to match them both.

Colour matching is a very difficult task…

In lithographic printing, electronic calibrators and print quality control can ensure a steady colour output in a single project. Colour match digital proofs use the same calibration standards used lithographic presses and can therefore deliver very good results. However, these proofs are expensive.

In digital printing, colour matching is a lot more difficult due to the individual technical specifications and calibration settings of each machine. Digital printing, however, allows the supplier to produce a single unit of the publication for proofing, hence allowing for colour adjustments in the artwork prior to production.

The key for colour matching and satisfactory printing production is good dialogue between designer, printer and client and most importantly a budget that will allow for digital colour proofing and testing.